Keeping our values at the heart of all we do

Incorporated at the dusk of 2018, Eastern Unity Technology Sdn Bhd is one of the region’s most trusted names in petroleum engineering technology with the goal of overcoming pressing challenges of an economic, environmental, and human safety nature. From research and development to consultation to class-leading engineering solutions, our services span the full pipeline to empower our clients, stakeholders, and investors to share the Eastern Unity spirit with confidence.

Excellence starts on the inside

With our knowledgeable team of experts at our disposal across all units, we are passionate about going the extra mile to develop optimized structures ripe for innovation, excellence, and exciting new interdependencies born through access to the latest emerging technologies. We firmly believe that the only way to deliver exceptional service is to ensure exceptional standards from within. This is why we reward top performance while encouraging the ongoing development of the people who make our aspirations possible behind the scenes.



While hydrocarbons are a popular and highly effective fuel source, they have demonstrated a long list of adversities for the environment and the human population. Hydrocarbons have been shown to cause cancer in mammals, damage bone barrow, and more, while poisoning wildlife and inflicting devastating harm on the environment. Though hydrocarbon is a critical component in today’s world, the upstream, midstream, and downstream petroleum sectors need better, greener, and more sustainable ways of operating and producing with hydrocarbon resources – and that’s where Eastern Unity comes in.

As proven leaders in the region’s technology sphere, Eastern Unity is devoted to driving ongoing success in the energy sector. We know that to solve global energy crises and strained economic climates, the choices we make today are crucial. In order to achieve our aspirations for our company, our clients, and unborn future societies, we must perform ongoing research to discover the cutting-edge technologies that hold the power to leave a better world behind for future generations.


With a sharp focus on efficiency, safety, and reliability in the global petroleum sectors, we have a vision of developing innovative clean fuel solutions that are kind to the planet and its people.

Through ongoing clean fuel investigation and carbon release management, we are making momentous discoveries that are already shifting the potential of sustainable energy. One such concept is that of smart fluids – used to detect and respond to the varying environments they exist in – along with waste water treatment – using green technology to help companies lower their carbon footprint, save energy, and embrace a more Earth-friendly approach to business operation.

Making a difference

By funding and supporting universities with scholarships and industrial grants for R&D activities – while sponsoring PhD researchers – we never stop contributing to the future we are working hard to build each and every day.