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We are never satisfied with the way things are, and we firmly believe that there is always room for improvement when it comes to building a cleaner, greener future for the generations of tomorrow. This is why we partner with leading research institutions and universities to collaboratively discover and develop outstanding technology solutions spanning the petroleum, petrochemical, environmental, and industrial design arenas.

Through advanced R&D in the civil, oil and gas, chemical, electrical, and medicine sectors, our team is uniquely able to combine cost-effectiveness with efficiency and competitive results you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.



Eastern Unity is a team and family of specialists in handling heavy, extra-heavy crude oil for midstream process.

Using our decades of experience and ongoing research, we are exclusively capable of developing precise solutions for our clients’ needs, with the goal of enhancing economic efficiency, lowering costs, and lightening the burden on the environment.

Produced-water Treatment

It’s well-known that oil production is notorious for creating an excessive amount of wastewater. In fact, one barrel of oil can produce almost 100 barrels of water. Instead of letting this liquid gold go to waste, we perform constant research to discover new possibilities for wastewater treatment and subsequent usage.

Typically, the produced water must be discarded or re-used, the latter of which requires heavy treatment protocols to eliminate oil residues, salts, and chemicals depending on the desired usage. Unthoughtful waste water disposal in deep underground injection wells has been found to contribute to Earthquakes around the world, but with Eastern Unity, there is a better way.

Through applied technologies and advanced treatment concepts, we are able to support waste recycling to preserve water resources for the planet and its populations. Our forward-thinking methods of treating oil-produced water use solar energy and nano photocatalyst techniques.

While the petroleum industry’s wastewater comprises pollutants the likes of hydrocarbon, oil and grease, ammonia, and many more, our nano photocatalyst approach means we have been able to develop highly effective materials that support the removal and breakdown of numerous harmful compounds while developing visible-light photocatalysts.

Nanomaterials like metal-based nanoparticles and graphene have proven promising in wastewater treatment, with incredible absorptive properties and photocatalytic action.



At Eastern Unity, we understand that no two of our clients are the same. That is why we partner closely with each and every one to support informed decision-making processes while generating the most suitable engineering solutions. In all we do, we keep each client’s unique concerns and challenges at heart to formulate solutions that deliver green environmental benefits while better serving the populations that call Earth home.

We take pride in our revolutionary approach and our devotion to ensuring the perfect solutions for our client’s unique needs, so contact us today to start your journey with Eastern Unity Technology.


Making a difference

By funding and supporting universities with scholarships and industrial grants for R&D activities – while sponsoring PhD researchers – we never stop contributing to the future we are working hard to build each and every day.